“I’m just saying, you never know what’s like gonna happen, so maybe you try to figure out what’s going on right now. You know? Make a decision, before it’s too late…”

Here lies the problem with humans. We all get lost in the clouded midst of life, fixated on the thought that we have control of the unknown – our future.
We don’t and really never have done. Don’t worry, I’m not about to go all religious on your asses and start preaching.

You’re all probably aware of that good ol’ cliche: Tomorrow is never promised, so live for today. 
Think about it.
No, actually THINK about it.
When you do think about it I bet you think: “Hang on, that is actually pretty damn true.”
So I ask you now: Why plan ahead? Why worry for what hasn’t and may never even happen? What do you actually gain from over-thinking and over-analysing every single damn situation in life?
I can assuredly answer and say you get nothing but an over-whelming feeling of helplessness, anxiety and unnecessary depression, over something that MAY NEVER HAPPEN. Very rarely will you get some form of happiness or satisfaction from trying to answer things in life that simply need to be waited out or given time to simply happen themselves.

When it comes to seeking guidance from friends, do so but do so with caution.
People often fail to realise that everyone’s personal experiences are different. I was told once, by a friend: “Whatever you’re feeling this second, only you can feel it. No matter how much someone can relate to it, they can never mirror it perfectly.” [ ~ Whispah, rapper. ]
You may be able to relate to an individual but you can never honestly feel the raw emotion they are going through at the time, you can never feel the pain, sorrow or happiness of somebody else – you can only influence/understand this.
The difference between humans offering care and dictating your life choices are major. Friends tell you how it is, as they care – obviously but they will also allow you to make your choice, even if it is the wrong one. Why would they let you do this? Because when people care, they’ll give you words to support but actions that allow you to grow.

Learn to live in the moment, cherish every second you have, live life on your own terms – nobody else’s. Try this and I guarantee you’ll love life and life will love you back.


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