It’s no secret that the leather jacket is one of the most timeless pieces in a Man’s wardrobe.  It’s one of the most loyal and versatile pieces that every man should own, and is very much worth the hefty price tag that comes with it.
The power a leather jacket holds is like no other, due to its ability to toughen up ANY outfit. You can literally rely on the leather jacket like the best friend you never really had.

The leather jacket has various styles and fits, so it’s important to know which is right for you. Take a look below to find your match and various ways to style it:

The Bomber jacket is ideal for the male who wants a leather jacket which can be styled for an everyday-look AND a classy night-look. Its one that will never go out of style and will always stay fresh.
Pair with a denim shirt, boots and skinny-fit chino’s and you have yourself a winner.

Make sure you match your body shape with this one, guys:

  • If you aren’t well-built up top opt for a bomber that has an elastic waist, as this will leave your shoulders looking broader.
  • If you are a little more top-heavy opting for the jacket that has an elastic waist will only add more bulk, so opt for a standard fitting bomber.

For the man who want to pull of the typical signature edgy look – fashionably. This type of jacket suits a more slim male and is best styled SIMPLY: plain white/grey tee with a pair of black slim-fitting jeans/chino’s.


  • If you aren’t of a slim type, fear not, the trick is to not colour block with a Biker jacket.
  • Opt for a different colour pair of jeans/chinos. This will create a slimmer look, as the colours wont blend in to each other.

This is the one jacket that does not need a particular fit or style to be pulled off. This is a great jacket to style in the Spring/Summer: pair with earthy coloured chinos, a plain tee and plimsolls.

It’s important to note:

  • A hooded jacket adds weight to your shoulders – this means you should style to balance out your figure.
  • You can actually wear baggy jeans with this jacket and it won’t look naff! BALANCE IS KEY.

(Photo’s courtesy of Lookbook.)


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