Think of yourself at sixteen. You probably remember: the stress of GCSE’s; prom excitement, and that awkward butterfly feeling you got when you saw your crush in the hallway, right? Being sixteen probably wasn’t the best of times but in comparison to life’s current struggles, sixteen no longer feels like such a task.

Yesterday morning I found myself sitting in a 9am lecture, thinking: “Why the hell did I leave my bed this morning?!”.
Out came my phone and the endless scrolling though my Twitter feed began. I stopped when I saw ‘#Birmingham’ trending. For reasons only known to myself, I got happy seeing this. Little did I know it wasn’t trending for anything pleasant.
Clicking on the trend, I found myself  reading a story about a 16-year-old girl who had  reportedly just been stabbed in a bus, on the way to school. My heart sank as I read these words.
After reading various takes on this story, I stumbled on the girls personal twitter page. It was very clear to see, from her tweets,  this young girl was full of dreams and ambitions. I began praying that nothing had happened to her innocent soul.

This story continued to cause havoc in my mind as I took my bus journey home, that morning. I was still reflecting upon that girl who had the same thoughts as myself at sixteen: worrying about exams; her prom dress; “the-one-that-got-away,” and just wanting to find happiness.
How could I be sitting here miserable about my petty life situations, when an innocent young girl’s life had been taken away from her – before it had the chance to even begin?

I preach this a lot through my words but it’s something we [as well as myself] need to be reminded of: as humans we always get caught up in our hardships.
We lose ourselves in temporary emotions and become sad about something that may never even happen. Appreciate your hardships rather than dwelling on them –  be patient, be positive and never give up, you will get through it.
Life is precious, so cherish it.

[Photo: Tumblr.]


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