Ah, the white tee. Something very simple yet iconic in the world of Men’s Fashion. It is the single most versatile item a man NEEDS to own.  There’s nothing better than seeing a man in a fresh, crisp white tee. If he has a great body, even better – God bless slim-fitting white tee’s and muscles. Oh, and Men of course.

White tee’s are flattering for most body types. They can be worn as an undershirt or rocked on their own – in all their fresh-white glory. Whether it’s a graphic tee or plain white, there are endless ways of looking good and feeling great in one, and many ways of wearing it this Spring/Summer ’13.

    – Figure out what body shape you are, so you know which type of tee to buy.- As previously mentioned, the white tee can flatter MOST body types but if you’re a little conscious you’ll need to know what type of tee will make you look good and feel great.

    – If your body isn’t that of a typical Men’s Health cover model – DON’T FRET!
    Wear your tee under an in-trend button down shirt or a classy tailored jacket. This adds ‘build’ to your upper-body, without you having to spend HOURS in the gym [CHEATER!].

    – Yes, the white tee has the minimalistic touch but this doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile and style this baby up!

    – Pair your tee with dark coloured jeans or chinos. For the warmer weather that is yet to grace us, and a trend for Spring/Summer ’13 consider shorts.

    – They say women are addicts when it comes to Footwear, but there has been a rise in men buying and having an interest in shoes. Rock a pair of eye-catching trendy shoes with your look.

    – To layer up in colder weather, pair your tee with a blazer or jacket.

    – These little details can make your look even better: bracelet, wristwatch, tiny silver or white gold necklace – this adding to your fresh-white look and sunglasses.

Take a look at some white tee’s available in most high-street stores/online retailers.

  • ASOS WHITE TEE’S from £25.

  • TOPMAN TEE’S from £7.


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