When someone first thinks of fitness the last thing that comes to their mind is fashion, but believe it or not the gym is one of the most common places to witness fashion disasters.
Gym-wear is no longer restricted to those old scruffy sports tees and basketball shorts. Fashion is now catering to fitness-addicts who want to look good whilst working up a sweat; helping you stay comfortable, cool and look flattering.

When it comes to putting together looks for the gym, think of how you dress on a daily basis.
Here are some simple tips to step-up your gym attire:

– Avoid loud, multicoloured looks that don’t match.
Your gym-wear should consist of only two or three colours – in order to avoid a fashion disaster.

– Stick to earthy tones.
Colours like: black; red; grey; navy blue, and white. If you’re the type of guy who sweats a lot during working out, avoid lighter colours as sweat stains are often hard to wash out and looks dirty over time.

– Avoid branding yourself.
I’m talking about those gym tees’s that have large logos and text on them, save that for bedtime, lads.
Opt for subtle logos which keep you looking classy. Brands such as: Nike, Reebok; Puma and Adidas all have smaller logos which will match the rest of your training attire – all made for the gym.

– Dress to your body shape.  
I’m honestly not saying this just because us ladies LOVE seeing you in a fitted tee when at the gym… But if you have a leaner, fitter and more toned body – flaunt it.
Opt for fitted tee’s which reveal more of your body.

– Shorts vs Joggers.
Depending on what you plan on doing at the gym, the difference between shorts and joggers is important.
Remember to keep the colours to a minimum and keep comfort in mind.

Shorts: If you have a leg day/cardio day planned, it’s better to wear shorts as they allow more movement and air circulation.
Remember shorts look best when just above the knee and should fit right around your bum and legs. [Again, us women do like a bit of motivation when we workout too.]

Joggers: They were originally designed for training purposes not for those lazy days sat on the sofa.
They’re comfortable and good for intense training. So for days when you’re working on your upper body, opt for joggers.

– Trainers.
Once again, simplicity and comfort are key here. Keep the colours to a minimum and buy shoes that will serve their purpose. Just because they look good, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll provide the comfort and support needed.

– Accessories.
Make sure your gym bag is well-packed with the essentials. From headphones that stay in place whilst you move, to toiletries that’ll keep you feeling fresh after the gym, it’s important to pack well beforehand so you feel comfortable.
There you have it, a few simple things to remember when putting together looks for the gym. Keep colours matched and minimised and get working out like a boss!



  1. I’ve been wearing Under Armour and Old Navy items because the logos are nondescript enough. I hate being a billboard!


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