It feels like the chino trend will never leave us. How many seasons have they been around now, one, two… three?! For the man who thinks chinos are just for the younger generations, think again.

Chinos have various different styles and colours which are fit for any occasion.  What do you mean you didn’t realise there were different types of chinos? Oh boy…
If you already know what your current style is and have often pondered on the though of investing in a pair of chinos, then keep reading to find out which type suits your style best:


These are the pairs that are found in any and every high-street store.
They are distinctly recognisable as a ‘casual’ pair of chinos from the way they fit – sitting just below the hips, as well as the visible stitching across the sides of the leg.

To pull of a casual chino look: wear them this Spring/Summer with the current bold/printed tee trend. You can also wear them with polos, hoodies and cardigans.


These come in a tougher fabric than the pair of causual chinos. The fit of these is more relaxed as opposed to well-fitting everyday workwear trousers. These are designed for hard work and graft!

Thinking of having a more relaxed look at work, this summer: pair these chinos with thick over-shirts, gilets, check shirts and denim – all inspired pieces for workwear.

It’s important to proportion correctly when wearing this trend, as these chinos add a wider leg appearance.
If you have a smaller body, layer up the upper-half of your torso as this adds bulk to your frame and adds balance.


This is confusing right? You thought that chinos were just labelled as “informal,” so how can there be a smart looking pair.
The fit of these chinos are similar to that of trousers, they are designed to be worn in the correct way, not halfway around the waist. The material used feels much more luxe and gives an overall smarter appeal to the chino.


Wear with smart shirts and blazers and this look is good to go, avoid wearing these types of chinos with a casual look, as it simply would look odd.

Remember don’t be fooled into thinking there’s only one pair of chinos for every occasion. Whether it be casual, workwear or smart there are different types for various styles.

(Photos from Lookbook.)



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