University life; to the non-student world this translates to us [students] being 100% focused on working our asses off for our degree. To the average Uni student, however, University life is like the green card of finally breaking out of the nest and flying out in to the SUPER-EXCITING University world.

What do we do once we’ve grown our wings and take flight; we have endless nights outs – where we fight with our drunken selves to not spend our entire student loan on those ever so tempting cheap drinks – known as the devil in disguise.
We totally ignore all those cooking lessons our mothers gave us and spend money on greasy-fatty-takeout food.
We then avoid turning up to lectures/not doing assignments because we’ve suddenly developed “insomnia,” due to being out ‘til stupid-o’clock in the morning – eating the most unhealthiest food and having little sleep at all. It’s like we want to ruin ourselves with our new-found independence.

It’s a long shot thinking about adding fitness into our lifestyles at Uni. Soon as we do, we automatically think of a-hundred-and-one reasons as to why the gym or anything fitness-related should be avoided.  Studies have shown that the average Uni student puts on a stone, during their first year of University; this isn’t hard to believe when we think about it.

We should be thinking of ways we can beat the odds of turning into a bulgy-fat-mess and keep fit. This doesn’t mean going to the gym and signing up to an expensive 12-month contract [when you know you’ll only go once in a blue moon].

Keeping fit can and is fun and there are many ways how you can make it so:

  • Your University is bound to have various clubs/societies that are fitness related, try joining one of these – it’s a perfect opportunity to keep fit and meet lots of new people in the process.
  • As well as joining a club/society, you can adjust your lifestyle into a healthy one; rather than getting a taxi to the club/bar – walk.
  • Instead of eating take-out food, cook a simple meal and if you’re lacking motivation watch Jaime Oliver’s 15-minute-meal show, he really does know how to cook on a budget!
  • Our mum’s weren’t lying when they told us fruit and veg were good for us. They actually are; filled with vitamins and fibre – keeping you more energised and fuller for longer.

Don’t make excuses to not workout, think of all the reasons it will aid your life; you’ll be fitter/more attractive, and you’ll love the results!

(Image from Tumblr.)


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