Nobody wants to think about it; in fact a funeral is the last thing you want to be arranging an outfit for. But it’s life and it happens, there’s no way of avoiding it.

If you find yourself one day having to attend a funeral and are unsure of what to wear, it’s important to note that the kind of attire you wear depends on the culture, relationship to the family/person who has passed, the religious belief and where it is being held.

Remember you’re dressing out of respect for the person that has passed, so it’s important to dress in a respectable, smart manner. ‘New Girl’s’ lovable character Schmidt recently said; “I wanted to look fantastic for your father’s funeral, now I have nothing but the schmatta on my back”.

The typical attire for a funeral is the ‘traditional western attire’. This referring to a Christian ceremony, where a man wears a black suit and white shirt with a black tie. You could even consider a three-piece notch lapel suit in a conservative pinstripe with either a tie or even a bowtie, perhaps.

Colours are usually kept to a conservative palette – this doesn’t just mean black, colours from: maroon and navy are often alternatives. AVOID bright colours and bold fashion statements for any type of traditional ceremony – it’s a safe bet to ask the family if they have any dress codes they’d like – in remembrance of the person who’s passed.

Consider the time of year when planning what to wear. If the ceremony is outside and it’s warm, short-sleeved dress shirts can be worn under your suit. If the weather is a little colder then opt for a dark overcoat, which can be worn over the suit.

A church ceremony means it is important to remember that your jacket must be kept on throughout. Avoid unnecessary accessories; make sure you looked well groomed, clean and tidy and you’ll be dressed perfectly for the occasion


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