Soft, sensitive with a feminine side, who stress about eyebrow maintenance, spot and hair removal creams and lets not mention moisturisers.  This may come as a surprise but we aren’t talking about the everyday woman and her beauty regime, rather the everyday man and his. Say hello to an emerging breed of man: the metrosexual.

The average metrosexual is straight, educated, and always feels needs to look good. He is very much in touch with his feminine side and he isn’t afraid to show it. He loves to shop, he often sports jewellery, and his bathroom shelves are most likely to consist of male grooming products. He works on his physique like he’s aspiring to be the incredible hulk and his appearance probably gets him lots of attention – he loves it.
Men are now choosing to take more pride in their appearance and are finding themselves purchasing grooming products, which are no longer such a taboo subject.

Statistics show men are spending on average 45-60 minutes on their personal grooming each morning. That’s a staggering 420 minutes a week. Have we somehow entered a parallel universe where men have stopped throwing cash at fast-food and alcohol but rather at wax-strips at the local Superdrug, who would have thought.
So why does this new breed of man go to that much effort, is it for themselves or to impress the ladies? Research has shown the average metrosexual male who partakes in these grooming activities does it because he gets a confidence boost out of it. Manager of online male cosmetic site ‘His Essentials’, Jawad Farooq, believes this to be true: “If your outer-self looks good then your inner-self will feel that too.”

I asked twenty women from all over England,  if they would consider pursuing a relationship with a metrosexual male. The majority of these females said they would feel threatened by their partner placing such an importance on their looks. “I would feel like I would have to match up to his standards because I feel that he would judge me if I didn’t.

He may think of me as less than a female,” says 19-year-old fashion student Lauren.

Men no longer feel they have to obey to the stereotypes of needing to be a ‘real man’. They are more comfortable in their skin and looking after your skin, body and hair is fast becoming an essential routine for all kinds of men from different backgrounds and some women are slowly learning to love their man for taking that extra bit of pride in his appearance.
So guys, the next time you’re out shopping with the girlfriend and she’s got you stranded in Superdrug, don’t be afraid to check out the male grooming products to see what’s on offer, so you can look and feel good.

(Photo: Nivea for Men ad.)


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