Can you believe it, Summer is officially over! And what a Summer it has been, with the U.K feeling temperatures reach exotic heights of 32.2C. What a scorcher.

However, it’s now time to bid Summer farewell, and swap the flip-flops for boots and the vests for jackets. Hello Winter we meet again.
With the colder season brings a new fashion wardrobe to embrace, here are some KEY TRENDS for A/W [Autumn/Winter ’13].


  • ORANGE: Colours wont be as neon-bright as they were this Summer. As you probably know the colder season brings a darker palette. Everyone is bound to stick to the usual blacks, greys and browns this A/W, it’s a given.If you want to standout this A/W and create a statement try adding subtle hints of colour into your outfits, like burnt orange or burgundy.
  • An easier way to embrace colours during Winter can be through knitwear, due to the variations of textures you can buy. Different textures have different looks which can instantly impact an outfit. And by rockin’ a colour knit you can wear almost anything with it.


  • THE BOMBER JACKET: You may remember this piece being very key for S/S [Spring/Summer,] and it remains so during A/W.
    As previously mentioned in my Bomber Jacket Style Guide, due to its versatile nature the jacket can be dressed up with a shirt & tie, and can also be casually worn with a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.Here are a few of my A/W picks of the Bomber Jacket:
  • Both available from ASOS.


  • CAMOUFLAGEThis is another trend which is following us through into Winter. Whether you wear a camouflage jacket, shirt, trousers or accessories, you can guarantee this print will be huge over the colder seasons.Here are examples of how to wear the trend:

So there you have it, a few key trends to get you through the winter wonderland which is fast approaching us. I will be making a more in-depth style guide on a few more pieces, so keep your eyes open for those.

(Photo’s: LOOKBOOK & ASOS.)


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