Doesn’t the future seem like one big b-l-u-r?
As in, you’ve lost that drive and naïve passion you had a few years ago to be who you wanted to be and do what you loved. You never really realise until you’re on the path to your dream, that sometimes dreams should merely remain dreams – not everyone becomes who they envisioned themselves to be as a teen…

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, life has taught me that you never really are in control and everything is in constant change.
It makes me wonder, is anything absolute anymore.
Are we just wishing, hoping and dreaming for a lost cause? Are we just studying to work in a job we’ll lose our passion for then just die hopeless and alone?
Surely there’s more to life than our dreams.

The passion should be to live everyday as if it were your last. Do and say things that give you a rush, things that make your heart beat with anticipation.
Smile til your cheeks hurt, laugh til you cry.
Be positive about yourself, you are not this body – you are a soul.
Take care of your soul and be positive. Negativity is such a waste of time, it’s an incurable illness and once it touches you – it becomes a battle to fight it off.

Dreams aren’t absolute.
The path we walk daily, our actions, the lives we lead..
That’s absolute.


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