Embrace Colour This AW14

With the majority of dull muted colours being covered already; it’s time we injected a bit of colour and life into your wardrobe. Colour creates a bold statement within your fashion game; admittedly it’s far from easy and relies the utmost confidence when styling.

While there’s nothing wrong with muted colours, the constant subtle palette when dressing can become a little… boring? You want to turn heads with your style and create outfits where you look good effortlessly.

Colours are here to stay, and should be embraced for AW14. Just because it’s cold and dark out doesn’t mean you have to hide away in muted tones.

Lets get started.

When styling colours remember to pair cold colours together, or to switch things up to create combinations of 2 cold colours with 1 warm. For example a cold navy and blue mixed with a warm red or orange.

There aren’t set rules when styling with complementary colours; you should only note that too much may become busy for the eye to handle – just keep an eye on what feels and looks good on you.


It’s important to mix up palettes. Try not to pair light colours often, as it’s best to have light with darker tones like charcoal grey, navy, or black. With dark colours like navy or burgundy, style with lighter options as you’ll start to find that dark overpowers light.




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