We know how worry goes; it’s stupid, needless, and consumes way too much of our precious time… buuut we still do it anyway right? It’s that thing in life us humans love to do – over complicate what should honestly be uncomplicated, the never-ending cycle of worry, worry, worry!


Worry never changes things; in fact, its guaranteed that you’ll probably spend more time focusing on it, when the truth of the matter is – you simply cannot change it.

If you’re an anxiety-head (like me!) then you’ll know just how much worry and fear can honestly suck every little bit of energy out of you, and its bitchy knock-on effects aren’t the best; from sleep deprivation, lack or increased of appetite, ratty focus, heavy heart, constant low moods and draining energy. It almost feels like a bad break up with logic and common sense.

Here’s a #NoteToSelf that may come in use when you feel yourself worrying over stupid shit (again, like me!):


When you’re focused on the worry and letting the retched anxiety bug take over, you’re essentially unfocused on yourself. All that worry you feel when you’re worried about someone else never really changes the situation for them, does it?

I’ve learned to take the approach of: if I can’t change it, then I should just let it be. Not only does this bring me back to reality, it grounds me too.


It’s easy to run away with your thoughts when your idle. The key here is to fill your time; do things you enjoy, whether that’s seeing friends/family, visiting new places, volunteering, or taking on new challenges.


You are the only person in control over your thoughts and the emotions you apply to it – so your worry stems from the thoughts YOU apply to the situation.

Keep it positive, try, when an anxious thought touches base just think ‘don’t fuel the fire’ – don’t warrant your thoughts with any more energy than they need. Again, you can’t change it so leave it be.


Talking – we do it almost every day, yet somehow when we attempt to discuss feelings that are playing havoc with us, we almost always shy away or push it to the backburner.

Sometimes talking to someone we know (or don’t know) can help us get out of the slump we’ve put ourselves into; they can offer a fresh perspective or even remind us of what we already knew before anxiety took over.


If you’re anything like me, then this is the hardest part about worry and anxiety, actually sitting and picking your fragile thoughts and bringing it all to the surface, so you can reach a conclusion.

If it’s a person – talk to them. Discuss how you feel and how changes can be made to make you feel supported during your anxious times.


Make a cuppa, find a quiet comfortable space, and create a list of all the positives; things that make you feel safe, grounded and happy.

List your worries and ways you can turn them into good feelings, things become more real when pen meets paper.


Anxiety and worry are both draining emotions; which feel like they eat away at our sanity second by second. We can’t rest, we can’t focus, and we can’t really be ourselves; so when you do hit a wall with it, and it all feels too much – go easy on yourself.

We’re only human & we battle each day as it comes; that’s all we can ever ask for.



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