5 Things To Do If Worldly Events Are Bringing You Down

Stabbings, shootings, mass killings, suicide, bombings, accidents; you name it, it’s pretty much saturated within mainstream media currently. Every news outlet or social media form we log into, at first glance we’re bombarded with worldwide devastation and corruption; loading us with feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness.

If you’re a worldly universe admiring soul, like me, then you’re probably feeling an unsettling energy within you currently. The thought of living off-the-radar in the woods somewhere, heavenly doused in ignorance from wars, ecocides, and every other worldly tragedy, seems blissful – if only!

I’ve mustered up a small, proactive list, on how to ease our heavy souls from the current shitty politics of the world – feel free to add to the list by dropping a comment below!


I often use my weekends, or whatever free time I have from the 9-5:30 office world, to bask in green. This is so key for revitalising your energy levels and soul; you’ll feel connected to the Earth and find yourself realigning every aspect which has been suffocated by our 21st century materialistic bound lives.

Whether you choose to have a lunch stroll in a park, go to woodlands, lakes, coasts, you will feel the healing energy of Mother Nature which instantly soothes the mind.



This is the one solution we stand by when it comes to faulty technology; the method of turning it off then on again to restore its life.

Of course, we’ve never really applied that same notion to ourselves; studies have shown that humans who have breaks from social media for a merely a week, have felt more content and interacted with more individuals (surprise, surprise!).



The media loves bad news; for them it’s like a kid in a sweet shop. For us, however, we’re instilled with feelings of fear, shock, terror, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, all of which have us feeling helpless.

It’s hard to not feel ignorant when avoiding the news, and if like me, you can’t avoid it due to your career – then take small breaks. A week away from the news and television will do wonders for your mind and soul; gradually increase the time away and watch your perspective change. You’ll learn more about feeling the good energy and how to harbor the bad into more positive and affirming action.

When you get into the cocoon of your home; try to not turn on the TV. Look for inspirational films and documentaries, shows that fill your life with positive energy and educate your mind…

Or you could just fill your free time with food?




I’m constantly reminding myself of this notion, it’s effective when applied to everyday thoughts and anxieties; the past is no longer and the future hasn’t yet occurred – so what the hell are we panicking for?

I came across the work of Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts and a few other rare souls who are brimming with positive affirmations, wisdom and mindfulness; they all follow the end goal of bettering ourselves in order to better the planet.




As I write this I’m aware that I’m not alone in these thoughts of ‘the world is being tainted by evil souls,’ even if my Facebook feed is full of apathy and intolerance to others, I know some, if not many feel this way too.

Talk to friends, family and like-minded others who share your feeling of drained energy due to the world; whilst it may not solve problems, it’s good to feel like you aren’t the only one feeling trapped.

So next time you feel like the world is too much; don’t grab your duvet & hide. Grab a friend and head outdoors – the world isn’t such a nasty place when you think and act good







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