Coffee 101: Coffee meets Art

Coffee has becoming notoriously chic in our social-media-saturated universe; there’s just something about those misspelt takeout cups that keeps us going back for more; that brewing feeling within that we need our coffee-fix!

The British are internationally known for being a nation of tea lovers; but there is something about grabbing a morning tea that doesn’t seem as appealing as grabbing  that caffeine-infused ‘latte to go’ for the morning commute, fueling the ‘all-systems-go’ buzz in our systems.

Over the years we’ve seen many ’a style icon pictured sipping their Cup of Joe; which somewhat oozes style and class; leaving us with a sudden aspiration to look that cool drinking coffee.


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With the appeal of coffee-coolness transferring over to the likes of Instagram; it’s all the craze to order an ‘espresso-to-go,’ snap a picture, add a filter, let it sit for 2-minutes and watch the likes pour through.

Someone who is no-stranger to this concept becoming well-known to the Instagram community for his beverage art is coffee lover & bartender ‘Remy the London Barista’.

When scrolling through Remy’s feed it’s easy to see how he’s built over 18,500 followers on Instagram; his drinks and coffees almost showcase the art-like appeal of beverages.

We caught-up with the coffee connoisseur, diving into what a day in the life of a busy insta-famous barista is like.

Hi Remy, tell us how this love for beverage art began?

I started to work in hospitality 3 years ago at a well-known caffeine store at Paddington station. This is where I fell in love with coffees and latte art.

A year later Rhubarb launched the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street and I had the opportunity to join as a barista.

I’m now Head Bartender at Darwin brasserie [Sky Garden] and I’m passionate about coffees more than ever.

Wow, that is impressive. You have over 18,500 followers, what made you start an Instagram?

I am able to show the world how I express myself through coffee and share my passion, hrough taking pictures of my latte art.

Has your presence on Instagram made people come to the Sky Gardens just for your coffee?

Surprisingly yes!  The place is really nice itself, however a lot of people contact me to come to the Sky Garden just to try my coffees.

Some customers even show the waiters my Instagram page and requests their drinks to be made by me!

We don’t blame them, your coffee’s look amazing! What’s your best Barista story from over the years?

Well, the most common is when customers get their coffees and take pictures of it for so long –  the coffees get cold! They send the coffee back to the bar complaining because their coffees are not warm enough.

I mean it’s kind of cool; but when you’re in a rush with other orders…

And… The secret to your coffee greatness?

I’m a French guy who makes Australian coffee (flat white), with Italian coffee beans, whilst serving worldwide people in English!

Remy’s steps on making the prefect Flat White – at home!


To make a barista-style Flat White you’ll need:

– Milk
– Espresso
– A basic espresso machine
– Milk jar
– Milk frother

Step one
Warm up some milk (150-200ml) and pour it in the jar, then make an espresso in a cup.

Step two
Begin frothing the milk until it gets smooth.

Step three
Pour the milk into the espresso…. and enjoy!

You can find Remy over on Instagram, and of course at the Darwin brasserie, Sky Garden.

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