Boy to Gent: Zayn Malik Style Guide

When we talk about style icons we automatically think of our suave 21st century gents; you’ve got your Clooney, Beckham, Gandy, and your Elba. We often overlook the modern boys turned gents, who, in a few years may just sit amongst all these style greats.

Allow us to introduce you to Zayn Malik; former front-man of pop-sensation boyband One Direction. Over the years the One Direction boys have really flourished with their style and grown into their gentleman wardrobes –  we’re sure they’ve been seeking some inside info from their stylists.

Malik has well and truly put his One Direction days behind him, as we’ve recently seen him shrug off those uncoordinated style days; ditching the basic t-shirt and jeans, to dabbling in not just tailored pieces, but experimenting with different grooming looks too.

Statement Blacks

Malik is no stranger to rocking black attire; as we’ve so often seen him in styles that create the best statements. Black is a colour which is simple yet holds power for your style; really living to the notion of less being more.


Image: Giuseppe Zanotti

They key with black attire is to mix up textures, adding pieces which feature subtle prints to create that little bit of effortless versatility; as opposed to looking like the pop-punk teen look has made a return.

Step into Boots

Malik’s career has seen his feet adorned in boots; from brogues, browns, blacks you name it – he’s worn it! With Malik launching his own Footwear collection with fashion giant Giuseppe Zanotti; really showcasing his adoration with everything style.


Zayn is no 6ft wanderer yet always looks sleek and tall; rockin’ boots allow your silhouette to extend – perfect for the shorter gent. Boots can be styled into a variety of  outfits, and for a simple formal look team a pair of leather Chelsea boots with an all-black suit – hello Mr Suave!


When looking at Zayn’s styling; he’s no stranger to a suave signature accessory or two; they key with styling accessories is to remember your own personal taste.


When you first dive into the wonderful world of men’s jewellery it’s important that you begin slowly and small. What do you want your jewellery to say about you? Take a look at our guide to men’s accessories here for some tips and tricks on pulling off jewellery.

It’s all in the hair

Malik has been no stranger with his hair game; in fact, he’s had well over 7 styles over his career; and with such a style evolution we really can’t say we’re surprised.

We’ve seen him rock that signature quiff from his early years, statement man bun, bleached blonde cute, pink quiff… Yeah, Malik’s hair game is strong!

What’s key here is knowing the hair style which co-ordinates well with your face shape and being brave enough to experiment!

And finally…

Who are your current style influences; what do they pull off that you would love to? Comment below!

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Menswear Winter Suit Guide

With Christmas and New Year around the corner; full of plenty social events and festivities it would be silly to not have a suit guide in place.

The suit has many ways to make a man feel empowered; be it the tailored fit, the sleek cuts or simply the smart, elegant, dapper notion that it carries; we blame the glossy pages of GQ.

Whether your festive calendar is full or antics with work pals, or dinners with family and the significant other, this guide will sure you turn up in style.

The fit

The fit is one of the key factors in suit purchasing; get it right and you’re guaranteed to sway a few heads, get it wrong and you’ll end up looking like a boy in a man’s world.

Fitting tips:

  • Shoulders: a good suit should always look like it’s hugging your shoulders; not slouching or falling off of them
  • Arms: your shirts sleeves should end just above the wrists; so the shirt cuff is peeking just pass the suit jacket
  • Body: the jacket of your suit should contour your body, so get tailoring. By doing this you add shape and accentuate your shoulders, for a strong sleek look

The style: fabrics, print & texture

Looking good has you feeling good, there’s no doubt about it. If this is your first suit, you may be unsure of which fabrics and styles to opt for

Fabric tips:

  • Wool suits remain a firm favourite material for the modern gent; with its highly adaptable nature to temperature change, ability to wear well, and gives off that slight suave shine which you’d find in most suits on the market
  • Tweed is a great fabric for Winter that offers a timeless appeal to the gent wearing it. Tweed makes a fine winter suit choice as it’s thick, warm, water resistant, and durable. Tweed suits are heavier than your average and quite coarse to touch; if you don’t mind this feel of fabric then tweed is definitely the way to go to make a classic statement.
  • Herringbone is heavy, warm and durable, much like Tweed. What makes it different from Tweed is its distinctive zig-zag pattern. The thickness of this suit and its finer patterned detail give this an appeal of depth – perfect for the slimmer male.


  • Oxblood is such a great choice for the festive season; vastly adding character to your formal attire. Oxblood is a deeper shade of Burgundy, it holds a command of presence and attention whilst keeping that formal essence.
  • Cognac a much amber caramel alternative offering a neutral colour that is more modern and stylish than your traditional brown number. Cognac is perfect for adding a modern-day twist without being too over the top.
  • Green this colour is perfect for creating a statement which doesn’t look or feel forced. Hunters Green holds a classy alternative to your traditional Khaki tones, looking reserved and deep.


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It’s ’s not too early to start thinking about ways to dress during Spring, I mean, it has already started, its just whether or not the UK weather wants to play its part – but that’s another story! Dressing dapper during the winter season is relatively easy for the fashion-conscious gent; dark muted tones and thicker warmer fabrics, voila. Spring however, can be a minefield – which fabrics should you opt for with such a mixed weather system? How much floral is too much floral before the boss calls you into his office for a “little chat”?



Denim… the one fabric in fashion that’ll always be our go-to, our first port of call, our first love. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, durable, and ultimately very versatile. It’s one of those materials which grows appeal the more it’s worn and without a doubt the most popular style is the timeless t-shirt and jeans combo. You’ve probably already got it mastered, so with that being said, here’s a guide to upping your denim game.



We’re all prepping for the warmer weather that is yet to grace the streets of London town; we’re longing for the days where we can chill around a BBQ, open terrace bars, and bust some moves at a festival. Ah, we can feel it, it’s coming.

With it being close to SS15, Men’s fashion is set to be saturated in pastels and bold colours, but what if all that washed yellow and off pink stuff really isn’t you.

Black clothing will always looks effortlessly chic; and it doesn’t even matter whether you dress up or down. Let’s be realistic you aren’t going to head out in all-black-everything on a warm Summer’s day; it just isn’t practical.

In saying this, we’re set to showcase ways to wear a few of Religion Clothing’s statement black pieces that will seamlessly transition you into spring, without breaking a sweat.


It’s a classic timeless piece in anyone’s wardrobe, that brings an edge to your style that you may have missed. To dress this down, style with a fresh statement tee, tapered jeans and smart trainers.


Nothing speaks Religion Clothing more than our tee’s. Available in our unique distressed washes and statement bold prints; we have a brand spanking new SS15 range for you to get your hands on #LIVEINBLACK.



Without a doubt one of the hardest items for a man to dress and feel confident in wearing. Our latest SS15 offers a range of shorts from Jersey, Denim, to Woven.

When opting for shorts, remember to take: length, cut, and pattern into thought– and voila, your shorts can take you from a day at the office to evening at the bar.



Our new range of footwear is perfect for those Summer days where you want to make minimal moves with your look.

From breathable flip-flops, easy-to-wear sliders, or printed slip ons. Dress your feet in black and get movin’.




What To Wear When Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents

You’ve had a few dates, things are going well, and it’s time for the next big test – meeting the parents. We’ll give you a few tips on what to wear to impress while staying comfortable and confident. 

The first date is said to be the hardest part of the dating cycle – you don’t really know each other, you’re not sure what jokes will work, which stories to mention and which ones to hide away forever, and of course what exactly to wear. Once you’re passed that you might think it’s pretty much smooth sailing. You get through a few arguments, grow closer, share those embarrassing stories you thought you’d keep secret, and then comes the fateful day. The one where you meet the parents.

Now, if your girlfriend’s pretty relaxed and unfussy, then there’s a good chance her parents will be the same way. But anyone with inlaws like that doesn’t really need an article like this. We’re not here for people with easy meetups planned, we’re here for the ones who have a bit more of a challenge.

Maybe the parents you’re dealing with are strict, maybe they’re overly protective, maybe they’re the type who liked to be called ma’am and sir. Whatever the case we’ve got a few ideas on how to dress like yourself, while still pleasing the parentals. Fair warning – a suit and tie might be necessary.

What to Wear When Meeting the Parents

What’s important to remember when you’re meeting anyone’s parents is that everyone has their little quirks and oddities. Some people think it’s totally normal to dress up for Sunday dinner, some people are strict vegans and would be disgusted by your pure leather jacket, and some would think you were pretty boring if you didn’t wear a colourful jumper at Christmas time.

Before you dress up or down, it’s a good idea to double check any dos and don’ts that these parents might have. First impressions can stick, and they’re made quickly. Best to avoid offending someone with a badly chosen T-shirt, and err on the side of caution instead. Don’t worry though, if your partner is rooting for you then they’ll be sure to give you any important details before hand. Let’s start by going through some of the most obvious places you could meet though, and give you some basic, fail-safe outfits to try.

Meeting the Parents at…A Cafe

If your first meeting is somewhere as casual as a cafe then you don’t have a lot to worry about. A cafe is about as laid back as you can, and instantly means you can avoid anything too dressy or fitted. It’s the kind of meeting where you can wear jeans and not feel like you’re totally underdressed. Still, despite the more relaxed environment, you still want to make a good impression, and if you’re going for anything too simple, make sure that it’s perfectly cut and fitted.

Jeans and a plain, perfectly clean, white T-shirt is an easy enough combination, and as long as you get the fit perfect, it’s a look that’s classic and subtly elegant. It also leaves you enough of a blank slate to accessories a little, which we’d recommend doing. Any outfit that’s too simple just gives the impression that you haven’t made any effort, and that rarely looks good.

Try adding in subtle boosts of colour with something like a brown leather watch, and match this with a tan or coloured bomber jacket to keep things casual yet put together. If this still feels too simple, swap out the white T-shirt for a white Oxford shirt instead. The jeans and jacket will still keep it grounded and not too formal.


This is a simple, neat and well put together outfit, with enough accessories to keep it from looking boring, and a good dose of warm colours to add a casual twist. Still, it’s not for everyone and if you’re prefer something less plain, but equally casual you might want to incorporate some more colours into your look.

A denim jacket is one of those versatile pieces that can actually be thrown on with a lot of looks. If you smarten it up with a high neck, finely woven jumper and pair it with some darker jeans, you can avoid a more obvious double denim look and keep a good balance between smart and casual. Accessories with some good quality glasses and you’re all set.

For footwear keep your shoes comfortable and light, opting for something like clean white trainers, some suede chukka boots, or some brown leather boots.

Meeting the Parents at…Their Home

One of the more common place to meet the parents, and sometimes the most nerve-wracking. They’re comfortable in their own home, they know where everything is, where the dog sits and what precious antique should never be touched. You on the other hand – you’re clueless. There’s no way to avoid the slight awkwardness that comes from first stepping foot in someone else’s home, but wearing something that you’re comfortable in and that’s appropriate for the occasion can help.

Bring back the denim jacket and balance it out with a simple grey jumper, creating a light match of colours that’s complementary, casual and yet put together. Layer a simple navy T-shirt underneath, then pair the top half with a simple pair of black chinos. The knitted jumper and denim jacket gives off a casual vibe that’s good for the more laid back home setting, but the chinos and the overall colouring maintains a smart-casual balance.

You can also go for a smarter top half and a more relaxed bottom half, which is ideal if you’re really not a fan of chinos and prefer the comfort of a good pair of jeans. Don’t go for something too slim fit, like a dress shirt, as it’ll just look too formal, and instead keep things relatively relaxed with a fail-safe Oxford shirt.

If you pair a white one with a light blue pair of jeans you’ll create a look that’s both casual in colour and yet refined enough to be parent-appropriate. Finish off with light coloured overcoat, in something like beige or cream, and keep your hair in check with a bit of product.

For shoes you want something that’s simple, not going to detract too much from the outfit, and versatile enough to match with different colours. Dark brown boots, smart trainers or some suede brogues can work well and create a clean base to work with.

We can all admit that’s a little scary meeting our partner’s parents for the first time. They might not like us, we might not like them. You could say an inappropriate joke and make things awkward, they could say an inappropriate joke and make things awkward. Things could go seriously wrong, but they could also go pretty well.

Monochrome Style Guide

Not sure how to wear monochrome? No worries, this quick guide has all the looks you need to know. 

For those who aren’t quite ready to embrace those bold statement colour palettes, as seen in our blue outfit guide; then fear not, we’ve got an alternative for you. Black and white, or better known as monochrome, can create some of the most timeless looks in a man’s style and is deep rooted within the history of men’s fashion.

While in the 17th and 18th century monochrome was more associated with formal-wear, modern times are less constricted and it’s easier for the everyday man to create smart or casual black and white outfits. The simplistic nature of monochrome allows style choices to easily be made made; creating a effortlessly masculine edge with any look.

When styling monochrome; remember to keep it playful by varying the textures within your look; consider leather-look options, patchwork on t-shirts, or two-tones with sweatshirts. We present to your our guide on how to style this striking look in three unique styles – sporty, alternative and smart.

how to wear monochrome look


Despite the fact that monochrome started to get a look in in 17th century suits, there’s no need to stick to the formal look if that’s not really your style. Try out an eye-catching yet understated look with a pair of joggers and a well fitted T-shirt. You could go simple with a white top and black joggers, or go a little more intricate with a patterned black and white top and black or white joggers.

Keep the contrast bold if you’ve wearing joggers, as they’re typically a more relaxed design and a striking look is going to keep the outfit interesting. If the weather gets cold just throw on a simple hoodie and you’re all set.

For footwear keep keep things simple if you’ve got a lot going on on top. A classic pair of slip on Vans, or white plimsolls will keep everything wrapped up nicely. If you want to keep the colours neutral, but feel that simple plimsolls aren’t for you, try a thicker soled trainer for a 90s edge that will keep things vibrant.

How to wear monochrome street

If you want to accessorise keep it simple with a black and white cap and a zip rucksack. Both will merge into the monochrome vibe as well as the sporty look, so you won’t look out of place when wearing them.

how to wear monochrome accessories

If you’re part of the subsection of people who hate joggers, and, despite liking the sporty look, would never wear them, then don’t worry, there are other sports options that don’t involve the controversial leg wear. Keep things understated with an oversized black and white hoodie and pair it with some black slim fit jeans. To add some texture go for a pair of leather look trainers, and finish off the look with a sports classic – a sleek varsity jacket.

monochrome sports look jeans


Although black and white sounds kind of boring, there’s no reason for you to lose any creativity when it comes to dressing in it. Interesting designs and a clever mix of patterns and textures can create a look that’s eye catching and contemporary. That’s probably a reason that a lot of alternative looks work so well when they channel the monochrome style.

monochrome look alternative

One way to get an alternative edge to your monochrome look is to keep things simple and focus on different textures. A leather jacket is iconic piece that will never go out of fashion, and can instantly add an interesting twist to an otherwise plain outfit. Throw on a white T-shirt and match it with a pair of black skinny jeans for a clean but laid back that won’t try and fight for attention with the jacket. To complete the look you can slip on a pair of leather boots to subtly match with your leather jacket and draw the outfit together.

how to wear monochrome alternative

If that’s too simple for you, and you want something a little rougher looking you can go for items with patterns and bulkier designs, as well as accessorising with bolder pieces. A fitted checked shirt in black and white is an eye-catching piece, and although it can be dressed up into something formal, it’s just as easy to give it a casual edge. Match it with a pair of black skinnies to keep things put together, but rather than adding some sleek boots to the mix, choose a chunkier pair instead to create a finish that isn’t quite as sleek. If you want to add more to the outfit you can also accessorise with some simple silver rings to add some more depth to the look without going for overkill.

 how to wear monochrome alternative look


Now there’s a reason that monochrome was originally seen as a something for formal occasions. Black and white is classic combination, and steering clear of possible clashing colours can ensure that your outfit is kept simple and smart. There’s not really much that can go wrong here, as the suit is something that’s been seen for hundreds of years, and we can all dictate the general rules – white shirt, black trousers and jacket, and the finishing touch of a tie in, in this case especially, black.

How to wear monochrome smart

If you’re going for a monochrome look with a suit then it’s best not to mess around with it too much, and just keep things simple. However there’s no reason you can’t accessorise a little while still keeping within the theme. A good watch is a classic staple and will instantly add a touch of class to an outfit.

A leather satchel would also go perfectly with your formal wear, and saves you having to shove you wallet and keys into your pockets. Choose one with a simple design so there’s no risk of it classing with the smart elegance of your suit. We also added in a little extra here. If you want to really stick to the monochrome theme then you can make sure that even your stationary fits in. There’s no reason you can’t look fancy even when you’re scribbling something down.

how to wear monochrome accessories

For those of you that want a smart look without actually going as far as wearing a suit, there is a way to achieve something sharp, but with a less restrictive feel. Black tailored shorts are both comfortable, relaxed, but less casual than their jean counterparts. Matching a pair with a white oxford shirt and black loafers will complete the monochrome look in a less striking, and softer way

monochrome preppy look

You can also go for some cuffed black chinos paired with a white shirt or t-shirt, finished off with a pair of lace up brogues. The overall look is great for summer days at the office or a evening meal out, and will effortlessly merge comfort and style together.

smart monochrome look

End Note

We just showed you a few ways that you can incorporate the stylish monochrome look into different styles to suit your tastes. Although at first the scheme can feel a little restricting, you’ll probably find you dress in it more often than you think, and the overall look is something that’s simple, yet modern, classic and sophisticated all at once.