Coffee 101: Coffee meets Art

We talk to Insta-Barista Remy about his art-like beverages and the secrets to making a barista style flat white from the comforts of your home!

5 Things To Do If Worldly Events Are Bringing You Down

Stabbings, shootings, mass killings, suicide, bombings, accidents; you name it, it’s pretty much saturated within mainstream media currently. Every news outlet or social media form we log into, at first glance we’re bombarded with worldwide devastation and corruption; loading us with feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness. If you’re a worldly universe admiring soul, like […]


We know how worry goes; it’s stupid, needless, and consumes way too much of our precious time… buuut we still do it anyway right? It’s that thing in life us humans love to do – over complicate what should honestly be uncomplicated, the never-ending cycle of worry, worry, worry! Worry never changes things; in fact, […]

Fight or Flight

Today I learnt the importance of seizing opportunities when they arise; for they could change your life, for better or worse. Seize them and one day you won’t look back and ask yourself ‘what if,’ you’ll pride yourself with knowing you had the courage to act on impulse, dive into the depths of the unknown & […]

5 Lessons Anxiety Has Taught Me

Anxiety; the illness that takes hold of its victims and never lets them go, different to every sufferer but the deep-rooted panic is all the same. It can send you into a self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘I have anxiety so I am anxious’, or it can act as a kick up the ass, a catalyst. It […]


Are you being safe… with your mental health? 1 in 4 of us will struggle with mental health at some point in our lives. This may include feelings of: anxiety; addiction; obsession; phobia; depression; bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder. A recent study by Sussex Student Union has uncovered at least 42.2% of students started […]


May 12-18th saw Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme this year was anxiety. This post I’m currently writing was inspired by something I read by a friend. It made me realise anxiety affects a lot of people and is never spoken about, as much as other mental health illnesses, when in reality anxiety disorders […]