It’s ’s not too early to start thinking about ways to dress during Spring, I mean, it has already started, its just whether or not the UK weather wants to play its part – but that’s another story! Dressing dapper during the winter season is relatively easy for the fashion-conscious gent; dark muted tones and thicker […]

The majority of men who’ve devoted their lives to the concrete jungle will agree that this guide is the basis of their 9 to 5 ensembles. However, the 21st century style-conscious gent would also agree that office attire has a more individualistic appeal. With this ever-growing transition of style, there’s no doubt that it can […]

Denim… the one fabric in fashion that’ll always be our go-to, our first port of call, our first love. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, durable, and ultimately very versatile. It’s one of those materials which grows appeal the more it’s worn and without a doubt the most popular style is the timeless t-shirt and jeans combo. […]

We’re all prepping for the warmer weather that is yet to grace the streets of London town; we’re longing for the days where we can chill around a BBQ, open terrace bars, and bust some moves at a festival. Ah, we can feel it, it’s coming. With it being close to SS15, Men’s fashion is […]

Today I learnt the importance of seizing opportunities when they arise; for they could change your life, for better or worse. Seize them and one day you won’t look back and ask yourself ‘what if,’ you’ll pride yourself with knowing you had the courage to act on impulse, dive into the depths of the unknown & […]

Anxiety; the illness that takes hold of its victims and never lets them go, different to every sufferer but the deep-rooted panic is all the same. It can send you into a self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘I have anxiety so I am anxious’, or it can act as a kick up the ass, a catalyst. It […]

Ah the glorious Man Bun; possibly known as a “mun” or a topknot, and is basically achieved by tieing long locks with a hair band on top of the head. Who would’ve thought it’d be so easy to create a bun, eh? I know what some of you are thinking: Man Bun?! Is she fo’real?! Yes, […]