Why The ‘Man Bun’ Needs To Thrive In 2015

Ah the glorious Man Bun; possibly known as a “mun” or a topknot, and is basically achieved by tieing long locks with a hair band on top of the head. Who would’ve thought it’d be so easy to create a bun, eh?

I know what some of you are thinking: Man Bun?! Is she fo’real?! Yes, yes I am my friend. 2014 was the year of the beard with  Movemeber, and somewhere along the lines the gorgeous Man Bun came to light.

This new-ish hairstyle takes masculinity to daring heights; toying with the norms of androgyny, and frankly enticing the majority of females into  pulling out those long locks, playing with them, and go down a fifty shades of… Er okay, I’ll stop there.

The Man Bun derives from Japanese legacy of the samurai; and today is simply styled into a topknot. As the Man Bun pulls its way through into 2015; we’ve seen actors, musicians and sportsmen jump onto the trend, from  DiCaprio’s messy bun; footballer Beckham using top knots; Jared Leto, with his half-open bun; and of course One Direction’s Harry Styles who undoubtedly rocks the bun effortlessly.

Top 5 ‘Why The ‘Man Bun’ Needs To Thrive In 2015′

1) No matter what; man bun’s will always look effortlessly man-chic.

2) They make your average lazy-day style 10x more appealing.

3) These Man Bun stylers probably have the best hair care tips, and I want in! Look at those ‘locks.

4) Haters gon’ hate; he’ll rock his Mun regardless.

5) Dogs are jumping on the trend too!


(Images sourced via Tumblr)