Boy to Gent: Zayn Malik Style Guide

When we talk about style icons we automatically think of our suave 21st century gents; you’ve got your Clooney, Beckham, Gandy, and your Elba. We often overlook the modern boys turned gents, who, in a few years may just sit amongst all these style greats.

Allow us to introduce you to Zayn Malik; former front-man of pop-sensation boyband One Direction. Over the years the One Direction boys have really flourished with their style and grown into their gentleman wardrobes –  we’re sure they’ve been seeking some inside info from their stylists.

Malik has well and truly put his One Direction days behind him, as we’ve recently seen him shrug off those uncoordinated style days; ditching the basic t-shirt and jeans, to dabbling in not just tailored pieces, but experimenting with different grooming looks too.

Statement Blacks

Malik is no stranger to rocking black attire; as we’ve so often seen him in styles that create the best statements. Black is a colour which is simple yet holds power for your style; really living to the notion of less being more.


Image: Giuseppe Zanotti

They key with black attire is to mix up textures, adding pieces which feature subtle prints to create that little bit of effortless versatility; as opposed to looking like the pop-punk teen look has made a return.

Step into Boots

Malik’s career has seen his feet adorned in boots; from brogues, browns, blacks you name it – he’s worn it! With Malik launching his own Footwear collection with fashion giant Giuseppe Zanotti; really showcasing his adoration with everything style.


Zayn is no 6ft wanderer yet always looks sleek and tall; rockin’ boots allow your silhouette to extend – perfect for the shorter gent. Boots can be styled into a variety of  outfits, and for a simple formal look team a pair of leather Chelsea boots with an all-black suit – hello Mr Suave!


When looking at Zayn’s styling; he’s no stranger to a suave signature accessory or two; they key with styling accessories is to remember your own personal taste.


When you first dive into the wonderful world of men’s jewellery it’s important that you begin slowly and small. What do you want your jewellery to say about you? Take a look at our guide to men’s accessories here for some tips and tricks on pulling off jewellery.

It’s all in the hair

Malik has been no stranger with his hair game; in fact, he’s had well over 7 styles over his career; and with such a style evolution we really can’t say we’re surprised.

We’ve seen him rock that signature quiff from his early years, statement man bun, bleached blonde cute, pink quiff… Yeah, Malik’s hair game is strong!

What’s key here is knowing the hair style which co-ordinates well with your face shape and being brave enough to experiment!

And finally…

Who are your current style influences; what do they pull off that you would love to? Comment below!

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Menswear Winter Suit Guide

With Christmas and New Year around the corner; full of plenty social events and festivities it would be silly to not have a suit guide in place.

The suit has many ways to make a man feel empowered; be it the tailored fit, the sleek cuts or simply the smart, elegant, dapper notion that it carries; we blame the glossy pages of GQ.

Whether your festive calendar is full or antics with work pals, or dinners with family and the significant other, this guide will sure you turn up in style.

The fit

The fit is one of the key factors in suit purchasing; get it right and you’re guaranteed to sway a few heads, get it wrong and you’ll end up looking like a boy in a man’s world.

Fitting tips:

  • Shoulders: a good suit should always look like it’s hugging your shoulders; not slouching or falling off of them
  • Arms: your shirts sleeves should end just above the wrists; so the shirt cuff is peeking just pass the suit jacket
  • Body: the jacket of your suit should contour your body, so get tailoring. By doing this you add shape and accentuate your shoulders, for a strong sleek look

The style: fabrics, print & texture

Looking good has you feeling good, there’s no doubt about it. If this is your first suit, you may be unsure of which fabrics and styles to opt for

Fabric tips:

  • Wool suits remain a firm favourite material for the modern gent; with its highly adaptable nature to temperature change, ability to wear well, and gives off that slight suave shine which you’d find in most suits on the market
  • Tweed is a great fabric for Winter that offers a timeless appeal to the gent wearing it. Tweed makes a fine winter suit choice as it’s thick, warm, water resistant, and durable. Tweed suits are heavier than your average and quite coarse to touch; if you don’t mind this feel of fabric then tweed is definitely the way to go to make a classic statement.
  • Herringbone is heavy, warm and durable, much like Tweed. What makes it different from Tweed is its distinctive zig-zag pattern. The thickness of this suit and its finer patterned detail give this an appeal of depth – perfect for the slimmer male.


  • Oxblood is such a great choice for the festive season; vastly adding character to your formal attire. Oxblood is a deeper shade of Burgundy, it holds a command of presence and attention whilst keeping that formal essence.
  • Cognac a much amber caramel alternative offering a neutral colour that is more modern and stylish than your traditional brown number. Cognac is perfect for adding a modern-day twist without being too over the top.
  • Green this colour is perfect for creating a statement which doesn’t look or feel forced. Hunters Green holds a classy alternative to your traditional Khaki tones, looking reserved and deep.


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It’s ’s not too early to start thinking about ways to dress during Spring, I mean, it has already started, its just whether or not the UK weather wants to play its part – but that’s another story! Dressing dapper during the winter season is relatively easy for the fashion-conscious gent; dark muted tones and thicker warmer fabrics, voila. Spring however, can be a minefield – which fabrics should you opt for with such a mixed weather system? How much floral is too much floral before the boss calls you into his office for a “little chat”?



As the majority of guys slowly become more fashion conscious, men’s Jewellery has become more in demand.

With this being said, not everyone has jumped onto the male jewellery bandwagon. It must be that fear of not being able to pull of those studded earrings or that leather bracelet correctly.

After all, jewellery is primarily considered to be a woman’s forte – leaving the ties and cufflinks to the chaps.

There are various types of jewellery available in the market tailored for men, some featuring detailed pendants/symbols and others keeping it simple and minimalistic like this £95 Tateossian x MenswearStyle bracelet.

It’s important you know your taste when it comes to choosing jewellery. Do you prefer silver, gold, metal, wood or steel? Is leather an issue for you? Do you prefer rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, and most importantly what do you want your jewellery to say about you?

When you first dive into the wonderful world of men’s jewellery it’s important that you begin slowly and small. Let’s face it, looking like Mr. T is the last thing you want in 2014 right?

Watches from My Bag, rings from Thomas Sabo, cufflinks from Duchamp or bracelets from Tateossian are often good classic starting points. As you begin to progress, you’ll soon find necklaces and maybe rings more appealing to compliment with your bolder statement outfits.

Most gents are under the impression that wearing various pieces of jewellery will lead to their outfit looking less sophisticated and over-complicated. The key to avoiding this is to pick pieces that compliment each other without overpowering the rest of your look.

This watch by Triwa for example would add sophistication to both a casual and tailored outfit since the timepiece carries a level of classic elegance yet modern tones at the same time.

Triwa men's watch

Triwa men’s watch

If your aim is to sport jewellery everyday it’s important that you opt for masculine options. Avoid bright, flashy types – keep those for the ladies.

Stick to your personal sense of style, items which you’re comfortable in. Then brush up on your attitude, it’s all about how you wear it and how your confidence prevails in doing so.

However, it’s important to remember that if you’d like to wear jewellery for a more formal workwear look you’ll most likely find yourself restricted.

Your choices should be kept down to the very basic types of jewellery; these can be tie accents, cufflinks, wedding rings and watches.

There you have it, a quick and easy to follow guide on how to slowly accept the wonderful world of men’s jewellery.

Start simple and small, and within time you’ll grow comfortable with sporting bolder accessory statements. Have fun with it and remember, by making mistakes, it’s the only way we’ll learn.

"Stick to your personal sense of style"

Stick to your personal sense of style


There will always be things we take for granted in this life; those cozy mornings in bed on a Saturday, the FREE Wi-Fi we like to access in public places, and that coffee we buy every morning, which we rely on for our morning kicks. Ah, it’s the little things eh?

Without knowing, many of these daily things have become a central part of our existence, with each holding importance in its own way.

Our fashion choices also evolve in this way, with decisions made based on comfort and convenience and often not given much thought – a routine. Lets take jeans for instance. The majority of males see this as a staple of their wardrobe, and really, it’s not given much thought, you’ll pull them on and match them with the rest of your outfit and voila, job done.

The T-Shirt has slowly become a part of this routine, and sadly it has become something we take for granted. The faithful tee. Our wardrobes are full of them, with most being old and worn to death, but who cares – you can’t go wrong with a tee right?



Over the years T-shirts have become the main staple piece in men’s wardrobes for a number of reasons; they are very versatile, easy to wear – yet often not worn to their full potential. Recently, a new wave of tee has caught the eye of fashionable folk, and it is now ready to inject some life into wardrobes around the world: the extended length t-shirt.

You’re skeptical, I can tell, but you have to PAUSE and trust us. After all, if it’s good enough for the likes of Kanye, its good enough for us, yeah?


Designers are slowly warming to the concept of the long length tee and we’ll be the first to tell you – it’s set to be a hit this Spring/Summer ’14.


The extended-length T-shirt is set to revolutionise the way we view our humble tee. One day we shall wake seeking cleaner cut lines and edgier alternatives, something which British brand AQ/AQ & ADYN both have to offer with their new SS14 t-shirt collections.

Offering that alternative to your everyday t-shirt, available in classic whites, black and grey.

longtee1 longtee2
AQ5A1669_c19b918d-338b-4933-9301-16d52d2d81b8_1024x1024  AQ5A1674_1024x1024

When styling this tee, don’t stress. Since your silhouette instantly frames differently, it’s best to opt for a skinnier pair of Jeans or Trousers – for balance, and in the summer you could even wear it with a pair of relaxed-fitted shorts. It’s really that easy!

Just remember, these tees are all about the shape, y’know when they say bigger the better? Well, the same applies to longer – go long or go home.


Its depressing isn’t it? All this talk about wrapping up warm, wearing jumpers, cardigans and heavy quilted jackets. We’d much rather be back in our sandals and shorts, basking in the glorious warmth of the sun…. Erm yeah, lets keep dreaming for a few months, ey. For now, those bitterly-cold Winter days are here to stay, and we here at ‘Menswear Style’ would like our readers to be equipped with all the knowledge to keep effortlessly warm during this cold spree. CLICK TO READ MORE.


He’s known as one of the stars in the award-winning reality show ‘Made in Chelsea,’ but did you know he’s also the mastermind behind the urban Menswear company ‘Serge DeNimes’.
Who is this ‘he’ I’m speaking of you ask? Oliver Proudlock, of course!

If you’re familiar with E4’s ‘Made in Chelsea’ then you’ll know Mr Proudlock as being the guy with the unique-edgy fashion appeal (not to mention he’s also pretty damn cute!).  In terms of Menswear, Oliver Proudlock speaks volumes with his fashion sense. He likes to create a statement, express himself and isn’t afraid to play around with different styles and colours. This probably derives from his degree in Fine Art and love for photography.

Proudlock rockin’ Serge DeNimes LATEST A/W collection. ||  Image taken from

Serge DeNimes [the name relates to Denim and Proudlock’s adoration for it] was founded in 2011 and since has grown into something magical in-front of the urban menswear world.

The first Tee collection was inspired by photographs, which were taken in 1978 by photographer Lena Proudlock [Oliver’s Mother], these images were focal on the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This collection was a success and has only proved how much Proudlock has to offer the world of menswear.

Two years later and Serge DeNimes have just released their latest A/W 13 collection, with items ranging from: all-seeing eye tee’s; printed graphic tee’s; phone-cases, and snapbacks – everything in the new collection is SO SERGE!

A sneak peek of the new collection. ||

Serge DeNimes All Seeing Eye tee. ||