Knowing how to wear long sleeve T-shirts can be a challenge, we’ve run through how to style them and picked out our best on offer at the moment.

Following on from our winter layering guide, we introduce you to another winter staple: the long-sleeved T-shirt a.k.a. the ideal base for any winter outfit. Don’t worry we aren’t trying to scare you into the cold weather; we’re just styling you through it. Like your everyday tee, the long-sleeve T-shirt comes in an array of colours and style variations from: crew neck, v-neck, raglan, and the popular ribbed.

Ribbed variations are the most-chosen style for men when opting for a long-sleeved option. They have fast become the focus of outfits, and can be worn alone or paired with a statement jacket, jumper or sweatshirt. When layering this tee, remember you could either go bold or subtle. To achieve a bold statement look opt for bright, stand-out colours as options, and black, white or neutral options lead to a more toned-down look.

Play with the style of the long-sleeved tee, and wear it under a graphic printed shirt, paying homage to the grunge/skater style. Suited for a more relaxed outfit, with light-wash denim. Wear to size for a smart, trim look; and up a size for a loose relaxed fit.





Something Different

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As the majority of guys slowly become more fashion conscious, men’s Jewellery has become more in demand.

With this being said, not everyone has jumped onto the male jewellery bandwagon. It must be that fear of not being able to pull of those studded earrings or that leather bracelet correctly.

After all, jewellery is primarily considered to be a woman’s forte – leaving the ties and cufflinks to the chaps.

There are various types of jewellery available in the market tailored for men, some featuring detailed pendants/symbols and others keeping it simple and minimalistic like this £95 Tateossian x MenswearStyle bracelet.

It’s important you know your taste when it comes to choosing jewellery. Do you prefer silver, gold, metal, wood or steel? Is leather an issue for you? Do you prefer rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, and most importantly what do you want your jewellery to say about you?

When you first dive into the wonderful world of men’s jewellery it’s important that you begin slowly and small. Let’s face it, looking like Mr. T is the last thing you want in 2014 right?

Watches from My Bag, rings from Thomas Sabo, cufflinks from Duchamp or bracelets from Tateossian are often good classic starting points. As you begin to progress, you’ll soon find necklaces and maybe rings more appealing to compliment with your bolder statement outfits.

Most gents are under the impression that wearing various pieces of jewellery will lead to their outfit looking less sophisticated and over-complicated. The key to avoiding this is to pick pieces that compliment each other without overpowering the rest of your look.

This watch by Triwa for example would add sophistication to both a casual and tailored outfit since the timepiece carries a level of classic elegance yet modern tones at the same time.

Triwa men's watch

Triwa men’s watch

If your aim is to sport jewellery everyday it’s important that you opt for masculine options. Avoid bright, flashy types – keep those for the ladies.

Stick to your personal sense of style, items which you’re comfortable in. Then brush up on your attitude, it’s all about how you wear it and how your confidence prevails in doing so.

However, it’s important to remember that if you’d like to wear jewellery for a more formal workwear look you’ll most likely find yourself restricted.

Your choices should be kept down to the very basic types of jewellery; these can be tie accents, cufflinks, wedding rings and watches.

There you have it, a quick and easy to follow guide on how to slowly accept the wonderful world of men’s jewellery.

Start simple and small, and within time you’ll grow comfortable with sporting bolder accessory statements. Have fun with it and remember, by making mistakes, it’s the only way we’ll learn.

"Stick to your personal sense of style"

Stick to your personal sense of style


It’s funny being a writer, you look for inspiration in the strangest of places. I’m not complaining of course, I simply find it strange how I’m sat staring out the window, looking at every male that walks by – it’s like I’m on the hunt for a man… It must be the sunshine, it must be.

However, I’m not doing this to gain some sort of satisfaction [believe it, or not] I’m simply just intrigued to see what these men have decided to wear.
I’ll set the scene for you; the sun is shining – for those living in the U.K this is seen as a very rare occasion. Away goes the winter-wear and out comes the summer attire: shorts, vests, sunglasses, plimsolls and even hats.

Shorts are a staple item for the warmer weather, and will never really go out of fashion. However, in the world of menswear, shorts can become the toughest item for a man to comes to terms with.
As I’ve been staring out my window at the male species, I’ve noticed some are getting the shorts-look right, in terms of: the fit, colour and texture, and some are getting it wrong, oh so wrong.

To avoid getting it wrong, here a some tips on how to wear shorts this Summer:

The first thing to consider when wearing/buying shorts is the fit. Shorts should be of a slim but not skinny fit, and SHOULD end at least one or two inches above the knee.

NEUTRAL: Investing in a neutral colour of shorts is the best option if you’re a fist-time buyer of shorts or if you are simply revamping your wardrobe.
As well as having navy, black or brown/camel shorts, consider a grey pair as grey compliments every colour.

BLOCK COLOUR: As it’s Summer you may want to embrace the current colour-blocking trend, which is around this warmer season. Adding a bit of colour is sure to brighten up your day.
Consider purchasing green, pink or yellow shorts and wear them with neutral tones up top and finish with boat shoes or loafers.

Take into consideration the quality of your shorts. And remember: the more you spend the better quality they become, from having more pockets, better waistband and buttons.

LOOK ONE – Smart/casual day-out short look.
Blazer, Tee, Shorts, Boat Shoes.

LOOK 2 – Casual day-out look.
Patterned Shirt, Denim Shorts, Trainers, Bag, Sunglasses.

LOOK 3 – The everyday short look.
Tee, Shorts, Trainers.

 There you have it, a few tips for you to start rockin’ shorts – quick, do so while we still have some sunshine left!

(Photos: Lookbook.)